A teenager from Illinois is making national news after the individual, who is a natural born male, started identifying as a female and is now suing his school to gain access to the girl’s locker room.

It seems there was a time not too long ago, when Christians and conservatives plainly stated that if same-sex marriage was legalized it would open up the door for further moral degradation and decay, a notion that led to intense mockery from the left.

Shortly after the SCOTUS ruling on marriage, the whole transgender debate exploded on the scene, as men and women claiming to be the opposite gender demanded unfettered access to the bathroom for the sex they identify as.

Anyone with a little bit of common sense can plainly see why this is a bad idea. First off, there are tons of miscreants and perverts who would love to take advantage of our current culture and use transgenderism to gain access to women’s restrooms for easier access to victims. For women who identify as men, it creates the reverse problem. Them going into a men’s room could result in putting themselves in harm’s way.

Secondly, God creates all people just the way they are and to attempt to change that is to call God a bad artist, an imperfect person who makes mistakes. However, we know that’s not true. God is perfect.

 Christian News is reporting:

An Illinois teenager who was born male but identifies as female has filed a lawsuit against his school district as he claims that he has been prohibited from using the girls’ locker room for gym class. The district says that the legal challenge does not correctly cite the accommodations that have been offered to the student.

The 18-year-old, who goes by the name Nova Maday, says that he is unhappy with the outcome of talks with Township High School District 211 and asserts that that he has to use either the nurse’s office or a separate single-user locker room at Palatine High School to change his clothes.

“I just want to be treated like every other girl in our school,” Maday said in a statement after filing suit on Thursday. “Even after the school district agreed to allow another transgender student to use the locker rooms in her school, they have resisted and made things harder for me. I just want to be able to get dressed for P.E. class without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.”

Apparently the teen sent an email to his teachers during his freshman year to inform them he identified as a girl. And this is part of the problem. We as a culture keep feeding the mental disorder — gender dysphoria — behind this behavior and encouraging those who suffer from it to indulge it.

Here’s a short snipped of the message:

“Information about me. First, I’m transgender. In case you are not fully sure what I mean by that, I do not identify as male, like I was assigned at birth. Instead, I identify as female,” he wrote. “I would like to state that my chosen name is Nova, and I would ask that you call me by this in class …”

This young man acts as if his gender was something accidentally given to him without any thought whatsoever. Apparently he forgot God assigned him his DNA and thus his gender no amount of surgery or hormone injections will ever transform his chromosomes.

Teachers gave in to the teen’s wishes and began calling him Mayday, but told him he was not going to be allowed to use the girl’s locker room. Like any good liberal who has been indoctrinated by government run public school, he filed a lawsuit with the American Civil Liberties Union.

The excuse for not being satisfied with the accommodations made by the school is that by changing in a room off to himself, he missed notes telling students where gym class was being held for the day.

Something about that doesn’t seem right. All of this so this boy can get into the girl’s locker room and doesn’t miss notes for class? Not likely. This is about the school and other students being forced to accept his lifestyle as normal.

Here’s a sample from the ACLU lawsuit:

“Information about me. First, I’m transgender. In case you are not fully sure what I mean by that, I do not identify as male, like I was assigned at birth. Instead, I identify as female,” he wrote. “I would like to state that my chosen name is Nova, and I would ask that you call me by this in class …”

The school district takes issue with the lawsuit saying, it’s misleading.

“District 211 has provided caring and responsive supports for transgender students who daily use bathrooms and locker rooms of their gender identity in multiple schools,” district Superintendent Daniel Cates outlined in a statement on Friday.

“The allegations in this lawsuit misrepresent the accommodations extended to this student and District 211’s approach to working with and supporting transgender students. Every transgender student in District 211 who has requested use of the locker room of their identified gender has been offered such access, along with other supports within an individual support plan.”

It’s critical for the safety of girls at the school that the district continue to stand strong and not cave into these demands, forcing others to accept an immoral lifestyle that also puts people in danger.

Let’s hope they stay the course.

Source: Activist Mommy


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