Spanish law mandates LGBT indoctrination for Catholic schools and families

The bishops of Andalucia have issued a statement condemning the new law as a “threat to family life and education.
Spanish law mandates LGBT indoctrination for Catholic schools and families

ANDALUCIA, Spain, January 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The Spanish province of Andalucía has promulgated a law imposing LGBT indoctrination on families, schools, the media, and the medical profession, seeking the “prevention of LGBT-phobic attitudes, in the social sphere, or that of health, education, recreation and sports, the family, or in other areas.”

The rules include the many Catholic schools that have a government charter.

The “Law to guarantee the rights, equal treatment, and non-discrimination of LGBTI persons and their families in Andalucía” was passed by the socialist majority in the parliament, and seems modeled on a bill that has been under consideration for all of Spain, also introduced by socialists.

More than half of Spain’s autonomous communities (equivalent to states or provinces), now have some LGBT “protection” law, and Madrid’s version contains similar impositions on religious groups.

The Andalucía law prohibits anyone from “repeatedly using degrading expressions for reasons of sexual orientation, sexual identity, or gender expression” in any form of media, including internet social media.

It also requires the government to ensure that the media “adopts, by way of self-regulation, ethical codes that incorporate the respect of equality and the prohibition of discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation and gender identity, whether in informational content or the language used.”

It also establishes that children have a “right” to puberty-blocking drugs, so that they can “avoid the development of secondary sexual characteristics that are undesired.”

The law prevents those who suffer from homosexual attractions or gender confusion from obtaining psychological help, rendering illegal “aversive therapies or any other procedure that involves an attempt at conversion, elimination, or suppression of one’s self-perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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LGBT Indoctrination

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