Mapping the Swamp: What Significance in Sodom’s Rebellion in Genesis 13 and 14?

By DR. ROBERT OSCAR LOPEZ, PhD – Everywhere Sodom's name shows up in scripture, it is clear that it holds a particularly powerful importance.

Which Is the Smallest and Most Rejected Minority in America? Ex-Gays

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN, PhD. – How would you answer this question? Which group is the smallest, most rejected minority in our country?

There Is Nothing Funny About Abortion

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN, Ph.D – There is nothing in the least bit funny about abortion. Not for the baby’s mother. Not for the baby’s father.

Mapping the Swamp: Dividing & Conquering, Part One (Women)

By DR. ROBERT OSCAR LOPEZ, PhD – The Swamp needs people to be divided against each other and divided within their own thoughts.

The Media Shout Their Abortion Bias

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN – If we needed a reminder of the media’s pro-abortion bias, we got it with their coverage of last week’s two marches.

Why Was Sodom’s Punishment So Extreme?

By DR. ROBERT OSCAR LOPEZ PhD – Next in a series on Sodom: What does Sodom's destruction tell us about God, history and homosexuality?

Christianity, Sexual Morality and the Public Square

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – Atheists argue that chastity, abstinence etc are "Christian" concepts, and there is no other basis for supporting such things.

Mapping the Swamp: Charting Sodom in 2018

By DR. ROBERT OSCAR LOPEZ, PhD — 2018 marks twenty years since a life-changing event where I went from pro-gay to staunchly pro-chastity.

Donor Conceived People Oppose Washington State’s Uniform Parentage Act (SB 6037)

By KATY FAUST – This violates the universally-acknowledged children’s right to be known and loved, whenever possible, by both genetic parents.