Jesus Was Not a Refugee

By DAVE PELLOWE – Let's graciously indulge the clumsy comparison while examining immigration policy which the claim that “Jesus was a refugee” supports.

The Prophetic Voice of the Church to Society

By DAVE PELLOWE – The white-anting of those Christian values threatens the foundation the whole house is built on, and for the sake of its residents, the foundation must be reinforced once again.

Adolf Hitler’s Debt to Karl Marx

By DR. AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN, PhD – When socialist heirs fling the slur that conservatives are 'Nazis', they should look much closer to home.

The Radical Left Has Reminded Me Why I Voted for Donald Trump

By DR MICHAEL L BROWN PhD – There really were strong reasons to vote for Trump. Given similar circumstances in the lead up to 2020, I would vote for him again.

Why Are So Many Millennial Christians Confused About Homosexuality?

By DR MICHAEL L. BROWN Ph.D – How is it that the Bible can be so clear on a particular subject — in this case, homosexuality — and yet some Christians are not clear on what the Bible says?

The Biblical View of Civil Government: A Classical Liberal Appraisal

By AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN – Our great struggle is to fight for justice and liberty and to maintain a government that is strictly under the law.

The Importance of Political Involvement

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – It is incumbent upon all believers to have some political involvement. If we don’t the other side will keep winning by default.

What Christians Get Wrong About Heterosexuality

Rather than scan the Christian responses to homosexuality, one can gain greater insight by examining evangelicals’ failure to understand heterosexuality.

A Half Century of the Counterculture

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – That revolution unleashed a tidal wave of social, cultural and moral upheaval which we are all still suffering from today.

With the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh the Battle Has Begun

By DR MICHAEL L BROWN PhD – It was a nice victory, but now is not the time to rest on your laurels. In a very serious sense, the battle has just begun.