Scotland’s ‘Dear Transphobes’ Twitter Banner Is Targeting Faithful, Christian Groups Say

The Scottish government has launched a “dear transphobes” banner message on it Twitter page as part of a campaign against "transphobia" that some say is targeted at Christians.

New Genderqueer ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Set ‘After Society Has Exterminated Cisgender Men’

Out Magazine cheered an upcoming "queergender" adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" set "after society has exterminated cisgender men."

First Transgender Nominee for Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are a Threat

Christine Hallquist, the new Democratic nominee for governor of Vermont and America's first major party transgender candidate, once tweeted that "radicalized Christians" are a problem that Americans currently "tolerate."

Canadian doctor pockets $9,000 to remove breasts from 14-year-old girls who believe they’re ‘boys’

A plastic surgeon in Toronto who calls himself a “leader in the LGBT community” has admitted to performing double mastectomies on girls as young as fourteen who believe themselves to be 'boys.'

Girls banned from wearing skirts at 40 secondary schools across England

School girls across England are being told to wear trousers instead of skirts in efforts to be more gender neutral.

World Health Organization removes gender dysphoria from list of mental disorders

WHO announces it no longer considers gender dysphoria as a mental disorder, choosing to classify it as “gender incongruence”.

Transgender Boys Dominate High School Girls At State Track Meet

Two transgender high school students took home first and second places in the 100-meter dash at a girls’ state track meet in Connecticut.

Children as Sex Objects: Why NYC Gay Pride Parade Is Being Called a ‘Celebration...

Organizers of the New York City gay pride parade have employed a 10-year-old child as the 'face' of this year's festivities. 

Delaware may let students ‘choose’ their race, gender without parental consent

The proposal would let students in Delaware as young as 5 choose their own race and gender-identity, without parental approval.

Parents Lose Custody Of Child For Refusing To Support Transgenderism

The Ohio parents were denied custody of their daughter for not being supportive enough of her alleged transgenderism.