Fed up San Diego parents call for new sex education curriculum at school board...

Parents gathered at San Diego Unified School District's offices Tuesday to sound off over a controversial sex education curriculum.

Disney cartoon features lesbian ‘moms,’ promotes gay ‘marriage’ to preschoolers

An August 5 episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins, which is aimed at preschoolers, featured two lesbian "moms" as the heads of a family.

CDC Survey: Spike in homosexuality among American youth due to indoctrination

America is doing a terrific job of pushing LGBT in schools, and as a result, more of our kids are engaging in this behavior and adopting the identity.

8-year-old drag queen ‘Lactatia’ says if your parents don’t let you do drag, ‘you...

“Lactatia” started getting into drag when he was 7, the Advocate reported, and just a year later — he’s now the newest sensation in Montreal’s drag scene.

Planned Parenthood to Preschoolers: ‘Genitals Don’t Make You a Boy or Girl’

Planned Parenthood’s new guidelines concerning preschoolers and gender identity instruct parents to teach, “Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.”

Number of UK Children Sent to Gender Clinics Quadruples, Forced to ‘Unlearn’ Boy-Girl Differences

The number of children being referred to gender identity clinics in the U.K. has quadrupled in the past five years, statistics show.

Disney Rolls Out First ‘Boy Princess’ on Show That Featured Gay Kiss

There is a truly sick obsession in our culture of permeating every aspect of a child’s life with the gender-bending agenda.

New Animated Short Film Aimed At Children Portrays Two Boys Who Fall In Love

A sickening short animated film aimed at children of two young boys falling in love has just been released on Youtube and Vimeo.

Each NHL Team Has an ‘LGBTQ-Inclusion Ambassador’ Now

'Activities will focus awareness on such areas as LGBTQ; ethnicity and gender equality; socio-economic status and those with disabilities'.

Teachers Union Demands Mandatory LGBT Education for Children

Scotland's largest teaching union has voted for children across the country to be taught about same-sex families and LGBT history.