Christian News Site ‘’ Blacklisted by Web Host, a Christian pro-life news outlet, was allegedly blacklisted by its web host and given just 12 hours to find another host the website, or risk being offline.

Alberta Government demands that independent schools renounce their religious policies

“In the name of ‘diversity’ David Eggen is attacking the constitutional right to have thoughts, opinions and beliefs different than his own.”

Worse than Shadow Banning, Facebook Completely Censors PragerU Posts from Public View

Facebook analytics reveal that posts by PragerU on the social media platform have been completely invisible to its more than 3 million followers.

Calligraphers face jail time for not promoting same-sex ‘weddings’

Two Arizona calligraphy artists faced with fines and up to six months jail time for declining to take part in promoting gay “weddings”.

Franklin Graham Event Bus Ads Pulled in UK After Outcry From LGBT Community

Bus ads promoting an upcoming evangelistic festival with Franklin Graham in England were pulled in response to outcry from LGBT communities.

UK Government drops doctor who says gender given at birth

A UK doctor has been sacked as a medical assessor after refusing to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth.

Wisconsin high court sides with fired conservative professor

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a former Marquette University professor shouldn’t have lost his job because of what he published.

Canadian Man Faces 2 Years in Prison for Passing Out Jesus Saves Pamphlets at...

Toronto man Bill Whatcott has been charged with a "hate crime" for distributing leaflets saying that Jesus can save gay people if they repent.

Big Win For Religious Liberty! US Supreme Court Invalidates Ruling Against Christian Florist

SCOTUS has ruled that a WA state court would have to reconsider its ruling against a florist who would not do wedding flowers for a gay wedding.

Police issue Canada-wide arrest warrant for Christian accused of LGBT ‘hate’ crimes

Toronto police have issued a warrant on charges of inciting hatred for a Christian who handed out flyers at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade.