Historic All-Girls College Is Now Accepting Men if They Identify As Female

The renowned women-only college has announced it will begin accepting applications from some trans-identified candidates, saying the school has “expanded its definition of womanhood.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich Vetoes Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bill

Demonstrating once again his cowardice, Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoed a bill on Friday that would have banned abortions on unborn babies with detectable heartbeats.

Christian News Site ‘LifeSiteNews.com’ Blacklisted by Web Host

LifeSiteNews.com, a Christian pro-life news outlet, was allegedly blacklisted by its web host and given just 12 hours to find another host the website, or risk being offline.

DISGRACEFUL: Netflix Comedienne Michelle Wolf: ‘God Bless Abortion!’

Comedienne Michelle Wolf has performed a repulsive "Salute To Abortion" segment on her Netflix show in which she gleefully exclaims, "God bless abortions!".

Supreme Court: California Can’t Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

American pro-life clinics offering pregnant women alternatives to abortion won a major free speech victory today.

Colorado Christian Baker Wins Religious Liberty Case In U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled in favor today of cakeshop owner Jack Phillips, who declined to bake a custom cake to celebrate a same-sex wedding.

Ireland votes to legalize abortion, repeal the Eighth Amendment

In a blow to the pro-life movement, Irish citizens voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, legalizing abortion in Ireland.

Trump to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding, Administration Will Announce Friday

The executive action is based on a 1988 Reagan regulation, but can't eliminate most of Planned Parenthood's federal funding.

Sex Traffickers Shutting Down Websites After Congress Passes Law

Many websites are shutting down or curtailing their sex trade after anti-human trafficking bills were passed in the US.

Iowa Senate passes bill banning abortions once heartbeat is detected

The Iowa Senate voted Wednesday in favor of legislation to ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.