DISGRACEFUL: Netflix Comedienne Michelle Wolf: ‘God Bless Abortion!’

Comedienne Michelle Wolf has performed a repulsive "Salute To Abortion" segment on her Netflix show in which she gleefully exclaims, "God bless abortions!".

‘Thank God for Abortion’ Float Appears in New York City Gay Pride Parade

The woman behind the float, says that she is trying to push back against the Christian beliefs that stand against both homosexuality and abortion.

Supreme Court: California Can’t Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

American pro-life clinics offering pregnant women alternatives to abortion won a major free speech victory today.

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Admin Over Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

The nation's largest abortion provider is suing the Trump administration over its abstinence-only approach to sex education.

Awards Ceremony Honors the Top Abortionists in the Country Killing the Most Babies

Last week, a posh New York City event headlined by Hollywood stars honored abortionists for the life-destroying work that they do every day.

Ireland votes to legalize abortion, repeal the Eighth Amendment

In a blow to the pro-life movement, Irish citizens voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, legalizing abortion in Ireland.

Trump to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding, Administration Will Announce Friday

The executive action is based on a 1988 Reagan regulation, but can't eliminate most of Planned Parenthood's federal funding.

Google, Facebook accused of imposing unprecedented ad bans to ‘rig’ Irish abortion referendum

Internet search giant Google and Facebook have banned all advertisements about Ireland’s upcoming vote on whether to legalize abortion.

Justin Trudeau’s New Policy Forcing Churches to Promote Abortion Outrages Canadians

A new poll reveals wide-spread opposition to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s demands for support of abortion for any reason up to birth.

Ohio Bill Bans All Abortions, Declares Unborn Babies as People Under Law

The new bill would ban all abortions in the state by recognizing unborn babies as people protected under the law.