During a conference at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, British schools were advised to celebrate their students’ gender confusion by baking them a cake adorned with their new trans name to mark their transition.

Terry Reed, a trans rights activist and co-founder of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, “told teachers that they must send an ‘upbeat’ message to pupils who no longer identify with their birth sex. She advised that schools should mark the transitioning of a transgender pupil with ‘celebratory’ events such as marking the announcement of their new name with a cake,” reports The Telegraph. 

“It doesn’t have to be cake, it’s just making it an upbeat, ‘we’re absolutely behind you and with you’ message immediately, so that it doesn’t get downbeat,” added Reed.

Delegates attending the conference were broadly trained on how to deal with the recent “explosion” of non-binary and transgender youths.

“Five years ago, hardly anyone in school or in university would come across a young trans person, but it’s changed substantially,” said the trans rights activist.

Reed further advised that trans students be introduced to the bathroom facilities which align with their “gender identity” by their teachers.

“If there are still boys’ and girls’ toilets and she’s going to be using the girls’ toilets, it’s quite helpful just to familiarise her before that actually happens,” she stated.

“Take her in when there’s nobody else there and let her look around so that she feels familiar with the surrounding,” added Reed.

According to the activist, it’s much easier if teachers hide from other parents the fact that boys who “identify” as girls are using girls’ bathroom facilities and vice versa.

“If other parents are going to be told, this is a much trickier issue  – parents are always the worry aren’t they? The kids are okay,” she said, thus encouraging teachers to cover up their controversial practices.

“If [parents are] going to be told again it needs to be done in a positive, well informed way,” she said. Teachers should “dissuade parents that this is not catching,” she added, despite having just celebrated the “explosion” in gender confusion.

Addressing the issue of children claiming to be trans when they actually aren’t in order to gain attention, a trend recently highlighted by gender expert and psychiatrist Stephen Stathis, Reed said not to worry: “It is true that sometimes the children will copy the other [trans] children for fun, just to experiment a bit, but if they’re not trans it’s not going to stick.”

At the conference, teachers were also urged “to avoid separating boys and girls where possible to achieve ‘gender blurring.'”

“In sport, she said ‘no distinctions are necessary’ before puberty, and schools should take a ‘common sense’ approach after this stage based on ‘fairness and risk,’ she added, according to The Telegraph. “She also advised schools to ‘think about how to put transgender’ on the curriculum, and make clear there is ‘zero tolerance for transphobic behaviour.'”

Turning gender confusion, which is often normal with youths, into a trendy fad where cake is the prize seems like a great way to tackle a serious mental health issue. Well done, leftists.

Source: Daily Wire


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