UK Foreign Office agency says African Evangelical Christians should “reinterpret” the Bible

UK Foreign Office agency says Evangelical Christians in the Global South (Africa) should “reinterpret” the Bible to accept LGBTI ideology.

report produced by an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has argued that Evangelical Christians in the Global South should be expected to “reinterpret” the Bible to make it compatible with LGBT ideology. The recommendations, if implemented, would massively reverse freedom of religion across the globe.

Barnabas Fund is seriously concerned at the implications of the Foreign Office’s involvement in pushing this ideological agenda and the implications this government involvement may have on freedom of religion around the world in the future. Once it is accepted that any ideology can be imposed on those who hold conscientious disagreement with it, a very significant backward step has been taken both in relation to i) Freedom of Religion or Belief and ii) human rights generally. Barnabas Fund has produced an analysis of the proposals and called on the UK Foreign Office to institute an inquiry into Wilton Park, the Foreign Office agency which produced the report.

Read the Barnabas Fund Report

Source: Barnabas Fund

LGBT Indoctrination

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  • Steve

    LGBT is not compatible with Christianity and it will never be compatible with the Christian doctrine either now or in the future to come.


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