Sydney will celebrate winning ‘Yes’ vote for gay marriage on New Year’s Eve

A rainbow waterfall of fireworks will cascade from Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve as the city celebrates the 'Yes' vote for gay marriage.

A rainbow waterfall of fireworks will cascade from Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve as the city celebrates the ‘Yes’ vote for same sex marriage and the 40-year anniversary of Mardi Gras.

Noting that four-out-of-five Sydneysiders voted ‘Yes’ in the same-sex marriage postal survey, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the dramatic technicolour fireworks will be a ‘fabulous way to see out 2017’.

Despite the majority of Sydney support, Ms. Moore seems to forget that four-out-of-ten in the nation voted ‘No’.

The city’s Mardi Gras in March will mark 40 years since the shameful event first made its way down Oxford Street.

Ms Moore was joined in Sydney on Tuesday by NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton, Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks director Fortunato Foti and NYE17 creative artist Nadia Hernandez.

‘I’ve been mayor for 13 years and each year the Foti family tell me it’s going to be bigger and better and more beautiful and they have never disappointed me,’ Ms Moore told reporters.

While the city council spends about $7 million on the event, an estimated $133 million is injected back into the local economy on the night, she said.

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The display promises to be the biggest and brightest yet incorporating eight tonnes of fireworks with more than 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects.

‘The challenge was to create never-before-seen displays … we’ve created some great effects that I’m looking forward to sharing with the people of Sydney and the world,’ Mr Foti said.

Mr Walton said it took months for police to prepare for the biggest police operation of the year, saying extra measures including public space roadblocks would be in place.

‘There’s no specific intelligence, no specific information that suggests we’re under any particular threat so I stand here saying come in to enjoy New Year’s Eve,’ he said.

Sadly, the NYE event will not only be a monumental ‘up yours’ finger gesture to the 4.9 million Australians who voted ‘No’, but a gigantic fist shaken in the face of God. Australia’s overweening arrogance and wickedness will not go unnoticed by God.


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  • Tony Darcy

    Homosexuality is a behaviour. They have no special rights.And there is a lot of mounting evidence many are victims of childhood rape.Thus their choice. I live near a department of housing area in the inner city full of unwell gay men. One lied to me and told me he had cancer. he is actually HIV positive.The truth came out later. Many end up sick directly related to their anal sex practises. My friend contracted Hep A from a gay male flatmate from sharing food he cooked.


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